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Fighting fraud together by using the combined intelligence of all merchants 

cooperation against fraud

Merchants from across the globe are uploading their fraud records, adding daily to the strength of the Perseuss database. As fraudsters don't limit their activities to one industry or region, there's an average fraud overlap of 35% between merchants. By cooperating and learning from each other, we don't give fraudsters a chance. Check your transactions real-time against the database. 

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6 Reasons to join us

1Technical Check your transactions real-time by simply turning on the additional check in your existing fraud prevention or payment solution.
2Knowledge  Avoid reinventing the wheel by learning from others. Leverage best practice and gain access to industry contacts around the world.
3Safety Fraudsters don't work in isolation, and neither should we. Don't be the weakest link: in a group, we're all stronger. 
4Financial Using Perseuss decreases manual review and  fraud cost, thereby increasing your bottom line results. Contact us to calculate your ROI.
5Strategic Adapt your fraud screening strategy quickly by using the intelligence resulting from data from your fellow merchants all over the globe.
6Justice Fraud gangs are invariably involved with serious crimes including drug smuggling and people trafficking. Work together to prosecute them!


4th Perseuss Conference
  • Date: 10-14 February 2019
Middle East Fraud Prevention Working Group

Let's unite regional travel companies in fighting fraud!

Travel Connect 2018
Washington DC, USA
  • Date: 11-12 October 2018
  • Delegates: 400+
Travel Connect 2018

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"Perseuss can give you just that “extra” you need to make a final decision but also makes you understand what is going on and how criminal organizations are operating."

Erik Knoester, Fraud Prevention Manager at Transavia
Kenya Airways

"The Perseuss platform is a valuable addition to our regular fraud system, because it enables our manual review team to do more in-depth analyses."

Joyce Gitumbi, Senior Fraud Analyst at Kenya Airways

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