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The hotel industry is extremely complex. Not only in the way the world’s biggest hotel chains are set up, but also the variety of booking flows for even the smallest boutique hotel. Reservations enter through a range of channels, from phone order to online travel agencies to direct web. Payment options are just as varied, from payment-up-front to blocking an amount on the credit card. And what about during-stay expenses? All charges need to be checked for possible fraud, while often having access to limited information, as the OTA’s don’t always share the most important information to allow for solid fraud prevention. How will your desk clerk know if he is dealing with a genuine customer or a fraudster?

The Perseuss community


Together with Europol, one of the worlds’ biggest booking engines and a few of the biggest hotel chains worldwide, we are continuously working on creating more visibility on the movements of fraudsters in the hotel industry. This enables hotels to be alerted when a suspicious booking is being made, so you can either block it, verify it with the OTA or investigate it yourself. Contact us and together with our fraud experts we’ll look at your specific booking flows and fraud challenges. We’ll make sure a customized solution will decrease your fraud, while increasing the conversion rate. 


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By joining Perseuss, you become part of a solution in the fight against criminal activities and at the same time you have a tool that will reduce your fraud level. Alone, you are more likely to remain a target.


"Without Perseuss we would have encountered financial losses of hundreds of thousands of euros yearly. And all this goes at a relatively low cost: the ROI is big."

Orestis Papadopoulos, Fraud Prevention Manager at Etraveli Group
Kenya Airways

The Perseuss platform is a valuable addition to our regular fraud system, because it enables our manual review team to do more in-depth analyses.

Joyce Gitumbi, Senior Fraud Analyst at Kenya Airways
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