The Fraudulent Activity Communication Tool

FACT enables merchants and issuing banks to alert each other in case of suspicious transactions, and present confirmed fraud cases to law enforcement.

FACT was originally designed to facilitate the communication between merchants, card schemes and law enforcement agencies all around the world during the Global Airport Action Days, organized by Europol. Answering the heavy demand following these successful actions to continue this way of cooperation as a business-as-usual process, the tool is now open for daily usage.

Only Verified Contacts
Indicate Availability to Investigate
Alert Bank of Suspicious Transaction
Case Management

Current situation

When a merchant contacts the issuer to verify a suspicious transaction, both parties benefit. However, a variety of issues rise in the current set-up:

The merchant can’t identify who the issuer of the card is

The merchant can’t find the right contact at the bank

The issuer can’t verify the merchant's identity

The issuer isn’t presented with the right information to investigate

The issuer isn’t allowed to provide the merchant with information 

It's very challenging to build a solid case for Law Enforcement 

- In sum, the whole process is time consuming and confirmation is often too late -

Solution FACT

Issuer can indicate the team's availability to handle cases

FACT auto-fills a verification request with the required information 

No IT-development needed: requests are send in a simple 
e-mail format

FACT sends request to the right bank & contact based on the BIN range

Issuer can reply with 1 click in-mail or by logging on to online platform

FACT enables cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies

FACT - Example

Fact is available for all devices

Fact is available for all devices

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