3rd Perseuss Users Conference

MRC London 2019

Scaling fraud, payments, data, and technology for international success.

13-15 May 2019
London, UK


MRC London 2019 connects hundreds of online merchants, vendors, card brands, issuers, and eCommerce visionaries to discuss best practices, strategies, challenges, growth opportunities, and more, spanning fraud and payments.

The digital commerce landscape innovates at lightning pace, constantly shifting and presenting new opportunities and challenges alike. With the development and evolution of enterprises like data sharing, virtual marketplaces, blockchain, open banking, cryptocurrencies, and global intelligence networks, the online market is fluid and no longer restricted by domestic borders. Discover how the culture and nuances of fraud and payments are adapting to an international scale. Topics span the entire industry from regulations to AI to customer identity to authentication and beyond.

Collaborate, educate, and create with a community of likeminded professionals at MRC London 2019.

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Presentation by Perseuss

Maarten Alleman   -   May 14, 2019   -   03:15 PM - 04:00 PM

Fraud Data Sharing: Why Consortium Data Supports the Travel Industry and Other Verticals to Mitigate Fraud

"We would like to share our successful Perseuss and travel industry case about consortium data, fraud data sharing and how to mitigate fraud to a larger audience. Else we want to explain that what we have done is not solely for the travel industry but counts for all verticals and industries. During the session we want to take the audience through a tour what we have accomplished in the past, possibly with a best practice from the travel industry (to be confirmed), sharing insights/ data and why we believe that (fraud) data sharing is fraud community is one of the key elements to stay ahead of fraudster."

Discuss trends and best practices


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